Kiara Bar, Skulltula Breeder

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Kiara Bar, Skulltula Breeder

Post by datpusheen on Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:26 pm

Name: Kiara Bar
Species: Hylian
Age: 16

Occupations and titles: Skulltula Breeder, Winner of the Bar family watermelon eating contest (I know it’s not relevant but yer not my dad)

Appearance: She’s a bone thin almost to the point of gaunt, sometimes her bones like her hip bones are visible and collarbones are incredibly emphasized. Because of this, she has no “curves” to speak of however one could argue she has an “hourglass” figure. This is however only if you look really really carefully. Her hair is long, down to her pelvis, and incredibly frizzy and unkempt. Her eyes are dark, no distinguishable color to the irises, just dark. Her face has soft, feminine features however usually has an expression that is a mix of hungry, confused, and tired. Her skin tone is pale like many Hylians yet extremely exaggerated having very little pigmentation at first glance.
Clothing: Her starved body is at all times covered by large purple robes with small pockets lining the inside which are filled with skulltula eggs. Her hair is sometimes pulled into a few different styles, including a large bun, “twin tails” of hair on each side, or a long, fluffy ponytail. Which one she picks depends on her mood. On her feet are basic sandals made of possibly gross materials. Having no special properties, it really is just a statement on how disgusting the Bar family really is
Personality: If you look at her for the first time, you’d think she’d rather have a lack of a personality. However, when you’ve dealt with her before you’ll notice social anxiety and nervousness around people (especially attractive men and women). This is due to 16 years of isolation from the world combined with the stress of overbearing, overly-protective parents. Despite having never even seen another human being she wasn’t related to (much less races such as zora) she has a strong sense of morality. This being apparent in her inability to accept the fact that living beings one day die, sometimes sooner rather than later and some by unnatural means. This comes from her being raised with animals who she was taught were precious.
Likes dislikes hopes and fears: She has an incredible love of watermelon, skulltulas (especially her close friend “Crawlie”) and obsessively never having her hair the same style twice. Dislikes include death (which counts as a fear), meat (she was raised vegetarian), and grapefruit (the natural enemy of watermelon). She fears death, the deaths of her friends, and ever being forced to eat a steak.
Character goals: She wants to stop her family from replicating the Skulltula House Curse and run her family’s business responsibly. However, this goal might be followed by others now that she’s experiencing what the world has to offer.
Equipment list: Skulltula Eggs (usually has 5 at any given time)
Usually riding one

Abilities list:
“Fire Trick”, a harmless display of sparks and embers designed to tame and train animals. Literally doesn’t even feel hot if you touched it, it is clearly an illusion to non-animals.
“Skulltula Age Accelerating Spell”, a spell that enchants one or more skulltula eggs and accelerates the growth process, hatching them immediately and within a few seconds (within the post it was cast) the skulltulas are fully grown and ready to brawl. This can be used to make new companions and/or self defense.

Backstory: To know her is to know the ways of the infamous-yet-not-so-famous Bar family. The Bar family have perfected the art of taming, breeding, and training the notorious Skulltula bug. Do they breed for combat? Why certainly! For their protection or for clients, the Bar family have used these creatures as living weapons, going so far as having a spell that immediately turns an egg into a fully grown and incredibly deadly skulltula. What is most relevant to Kiara is the fact that the Bar family is incredibly reclusive and paranoid and shut their 5 children inside their cobweb-covered mansion. This isolation from people has made Kiara very eager to get out yet terrified of what could happen if she did. She grew to 16 before hearing about her family’s nefarious scheme: To replicate the Skulltula House Curse that plagued Hyrule in ages past to extort noble families after cursing them. While she hadn’t had very much in terms of non-familial interaction, Kiara had a feeling this was wrong and since she was the only one in her family opposed to this and the only one opposed to it that knew about the scheme, she overcame her fears and broke out. Now she has a goal she needs to reach, but she requires help. Perhaps from a sexy hero guy? A sexy hero lady is good, too. Of course, talking to these people will require some courage and guile. Or maybe she’ll just grab ‘em, that should work too.
Character hooks: While she may not have any “hooks”, she has a goal to hopefully accomplish in the future and also has the potential to “stumble” into any storyline and play minor roles. Despite this, she has a “quest” she can give when the time is right in the storyline.

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