Weapon Procurement Spell

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Weapon Procurement Spell

Post by datpusheen on Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:14 pm

Spell Name: Weapon Procurement Spell
Classification: Combat Magicks, Summoning
Type: Acquisition of Existing Material
Requirements: Created by Talia Joon and never taught to anyone (unless given express permission via PM), also need access to an armory.
Target: Weapon(s) in the Hyrule Royal Armory or, when dismissing it back to the armory, the weapon(s) in hand.
Effects: Instantaneously teleports any mundane weapon accessible via the Hyrule Royal Armory to hand when it is behind the caster’s back. Note that this means any magical or unique items they don’t have access to are not able to be acquired, and if the caster does not know it’s in the armory it cannot be summoned (though they would obviously check as much as they can to ensure they don’t miss anything)

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