Talia Joon, The Hylian Gerudo and Captain of the Fifth Watch

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Talia Joon, The Hylian Gerudo and Captain of the Fifth Watch

Post by datpusheen on Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:34 pm

Name: Talia Joon
Species: Gerudo, Hyrule Affiliated
Age: 35

Occupations and titles: Ranger, Captain of the Fifth Watch

Appearance: A tall and well-built woman with somewhat sturdy shoulders and wide hips, with a decent waistline but by no means incredibly large, and thighs that are thick but not so much that there isn’t the slightest thigh gap. Her arms have some muscle to them but sometimes appear to just look thick. Her tan skin contrasts her light eyes and compliments her short black hair which is in a pixie cut and her puffy lips which are always colored black (by her choice). To a degree, she looks moderately heavy with relatively decent curves in both places but not enough to become a hindrance. The short nails on her left hand are also painted black.
Clothing: A black tank-top and mid-length brown leather battle-skirt, with her right arm being clad in scale armor to the shoulder as well as her legs, on her belt are pouches filled with necessities such as flint and tinder, razor blades, and minor medicinal herbs, as well as a good-sized water canteen.

Personality: Much like the rangers she commands, she plans to get the job done by any means necessary—preferably with few civilian casualties, though if only a few then so be it. Other than that, she can appear distant and aloof, preferring the silence and solitude of a forest to the idle pageantry of the Royal Court. She detests any official work that must be done in the city as she has this loathing for other sapient beings that after 35 years she still can’t shake. When dealing with a new person, she is duty-bound to first ask “What is it you need, citizen?” though she sometimes fails to do so as generally Hylians will judge her based on her race and waistline, which makes her hate most people.
Likes dislikes hopes and fears: LIKES: A good fight, swimming in cool streams, eating bear meat cooked on an open fire. DISLIKES: People, people, and people, being in the Royal Court, people judging her based on her race and/or her thick appearance. HOPES: To one day be at peace (one day retire) FEARS: Dishonorable discharge.
Character goals: Serve the Royal Court until she can one day retire and live in the woods.

Equipment list: Basic survival gear.

Abilities list:
“Weapon Procurement Spell”, which summons a weapon of her choice from the royal armory which she would pull from behind her back. This can only produce mundane weapons that the Hylian Military would have access to.
Skilled in many forms of weapon-based combat.
“Telepathic Connection” to other Rangers to send and receive mental messages.
Perfect Memory.

Backstory: “You wanna know who I am? Fine, I’ll tell you. My name is Talia Joon, and I was born in Gerudo Valley 35 years ago. Oh I look young? Fuck you, you stupid liar. Anyways, at the age of 8 I grew sick of the Enclave and ran away. 8 sounds kinda young to make that kinda decision? I matured quickly, okay? People in Hyrule are assholes and constantly judge and mock me based on my race and the fact that I look heavy. Do I regret that decision I made at 8? Never once. I joined the Hylian Military’s Fifth Watch. They trained me in all kinds of survival and encouraged me to have an individual fighting style. I decided to use all the styles and developed the Weapon Procurement Spell. Eventually I grew so skilled that I was promoted to Captain, which means I now have to occasionally report the progress of each investigation personally at the Royal Court. Fuck. That. I fucking hate it! But it’s part of my job. So now I do it hoping to soon retire and live in the woods, eating wild plants and game and lounging in solitude. Yes, solitude, cuz I don’t need no man!”
Character hooks: Being part of the Fifth Watch, she investigates potential threats and neutralizes them to the best of her abilities. This would mean that she may join a storyline that has to do with saving the world/kingdom or otherwise may protect the interests of the Royal Court.

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